VoipRaider 4.14

VoipRaider allows users to make calls to mobile cells using the PC
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VoipRaider is an easy-to-use PC program that allows users to make calls to mobile cells using the PC. All users have to do in order to utilize this application is to register with a new username and password. Once the registration is complete users can proceed to adding the desired contacts to their list.

VoipRaider comes with plenty of useful setting options and features. For instance, users are able to set up their account so as to allow any other users to call them or, on the contrary, to receive calls only from people previously added to their list. Also, in order to grant them full control over their VoipRaider account, this utility enables users to backup the contact list to a file, and whenever necessary to restore contacts from that specific file to contact list. Additionally, VoipRaider gives users the chance to import contacts from other socializing networks such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype or Outlook.

One of the advantages of using this application is the fact that VoipRaider enables users to customize their profile as they please. For instance, users can set up this application in such a way so as to be notified whenever another contact comes online, calls or authorizes them. In order to have access to these settings and many more, users have to click on the “Tools” menu and then select the “Options” section.

Finally, to conclude with, VoipRaider is an efficient application that enables users to call other people on the cell phones via the Internet. The attractive thing about this program is the fact that it is easy to use and it comes with an intuitive interface.

Mario Procione
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  • Intuitive interface and easy to use
  • Highly-customizable
  • It comes with useful settings as far as users' privacy is concerned


  • Some errors might occur while creating a new profile
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